In Detail!

Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.
— Loretta Young

The day started early for Jason, Vera and me. 4:30 AM to be exact (ouch!). We were supposed to be at the temple by 8:00 AM, but of course things hardly ever go as planned during a wedding ;).

Make up artist and hair stylists were at the bride's house at 5:00 AM sharp (poor guys it was definitely one of the coldest days ever!).

The moment when it all becomes real, the moment when the bride slips into her wedding dress is one of the most important things for me to document.

Just a few minutes after 8 (hey, a bride can be late if she wants to!) it was time to leave for the "First Look".

The handsome groom was patiently waiting for his beautiful bride to arrive ♥

Jason was as cool as he could ever be...

This is the moment when the hands start sweating and heart starts pounding ♥

The choice of flowers:




The bridesmaids' bouquet ♥

I love this photo ♥ Taken just seconds before the ceremony, I could tell he took a small moment to ponder about the significance of that day... (Thank goodness for my very special 70-200!)

The music was beautiful during the ceremony! Cello, violin and piano to complement such beautiful event ♥

This was such a special moment ♥ Vera had both of her parents walk her down the isle and offer some words of wisdom for the bride and groom. It was very emotional...

My little buddy and his daddy ♥


I debated for a moment whether to share this photo here or not, but I realized this was one of the most emotional moments of this wedding. The bond Vera and her brother share is one of the strongest ones I know. It also made me think of my own siblings and how important it is to come full circle together. See, siblings may not always agree with each other, but the bond and love they share is stronger than any friendship. ♥

Amor, cuantos caminos hasta llegar a un beso, que soledad errante hasta tu compañía!
— Pablo Neruda

For these 2 photos (see below), I had the idea to try something very different from my style. I tend to lean on the photojournalistic style side of photography, however, for these images I really wanted to do a vintage/editorial pose inspired by the couple's own style.  Honestly I love it, and I guess people really liked it too since it received over 200 likes on the brides Facebook page :D!

The above is another take on the vintage photo pose with a clean edit♥

The most challenging part about this photo??? Trying to keep random people (not guests, but RANDOM people lol) from photobombing this image +_+, but the final image was so worth it! I've seen other photographer's take of bride & groom's photo in front of the temple, but I decided to give it a twist... and I like it!!!

Well there she goes!
Now, are you ready for some details!!!??

Originally, the couple had rented a vintage 40's car that was the perfect compliment to their theme.... but like I said, things hardly ever go as planned during a wedding and that's OK! Something happened to that car, but fortunately that is what friends are for! Not only did they saved the day, but the couple's friends decorated the car so beautifully! ♥


Now let's move on and allow me to bombard you with detail shots! :)

The cake was a beautiful birdcage!!  How cool is that?! The entire place was sprinkled with flowers and birds ♥



Have you heard of the marimba? It's roots come from the African slaves in America and the Guatemalan natives built their own and perfected it to what it is now called marimba. This goes back from centuries ago!

First dance as husband and wife ♥

Cool huh?! :)

Wedding dress by Maggie Sottero

Groom by Saúl Formal Wear

Hair by Evelyn Quiñones (502)3040-4604

Make up artist Manuel Morales (502)3040-4604

Bridesmaids couture Patricia Quiñonez (502)2261-1367

Flowers by Diego Diemeck

Cake by Carolina Tambasco from Cake It! (502)2261-2203

Food by Banquetes El Cheff